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Closet Snare - Live From The Armchair Theatre

Closet Snare - Live From The Armchair Theatre

Closet Snare is a project involving a group of talented and experienced musicians along with Visual Artist 'The Grrrl'. The music has a strong jazz influence, alongside beats ranging from Swing to Hip-Hop. There are moody, slow tracks, and others that display fast, manic outbursts of free and improvised jazz.

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closet snare cd

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Closet Snare is a project involving a select group of talented and experienced musicians along with Visual Artist 'The Grrrl'.



Closet Snare - Live At The Armchair Theatre by closetsnare


The project was conceptualized 5 years ago, and it is now that these much talked about ideas are able to become a musical reality. The group is a platform where the musicians performing may produce music without any boundaries, genres or trends.

Closet Snare was created as a release for working musicians that are often faced with the tiring reality of being categorized in spite of their love and ability to create music that has no name.


There's a strong jazz influence alongside beats ranging from Break-Beat and Swing to Hip-Hop. There are moody slow tracks and tracks that display fast manic outbursts of free and improvised jazz. There are elements of quirkiness, and sometimes almost humorous musical ideas that trickle through.

Question to a member of Closet Snare (He would like to remain anonymous.)

Q.“What is your view on music and especially Jazz music in South Africa?”

A.“Welcome to the future, and this is where people in South Africa need to challenge their ears and minds more actively. Jazz has become a bit of a swear word in South Africa of late, and when one hears the word jazz you think of the awful music they have on T.V. and many radio stations. We want to get together and make good music, that’s all, it’s quite simple.”


Mr Sakitumi - Machines and Keyboard

Sean is one of the most demanded drummers in Cape Town. This multi- talented instrumentalist plays bass guitar and drums equally well. He's worked and recorded with many well known South African musicians, including Johnny Clegg, Melanie Scholtz, Plush, Godessa and Max Normal.

Shaun won best drummer in Gauteng at the Old Mutual Jazz Competition in 1999, and is currently getting ready to release his solo album. He has toured to London with the well known Rodriguez, and due to his incredible diversity, he was asked to join the reggae outfit headed by 'Teba' on their tour of Finland in July of 2010.

He is an absolute asset to any band and has no food allergies that I am aware of.


Mark Buchanan - Electric Guitar/Sampler/Fretless-bass-9-String

Mark has worked with many South African musicians and groups like Paul Hamner, Marcus Wyatt, Just Jinger, and Max Normal.

He is in essence a composer and has a deep appreciation for jazz and blues music with an edge, and he's played at the 'North Sea Jazz Festival' twice and toured with Max Normal to Belgium where they performed with Nellie Furtado.

Mark studied jazz guitar with the great jazz guitarist Jonnie Fourie. He uses the sampler in an inventive way, not only playing his guitar through it but also composing tracks with jazz beats and a variety of other interesting sounds, from piano to strange sounding orchestras and voices recorded from old movies on daytime T.V.


Live, Mark plays a custom built 9 string guitar.(Five guitar strings and four fretless bass strings.) He is currently performing strictly with Chromoscience and focusing on the Closet Snare project.

His influences regarding guitar players include, David Fuzinsky, Vernon Reid, John Scofield, Bill Frisell, Sonny Sharock, John Abercrombie and many many more.

He is also the manager and one should phone him regarding money and/or outstanding bar tabs.

Shane Cooper A.K.A. Card on Spokes - Electric Bass

Shane is a purveyor of "Kiff" vibes and Phat basslines and is also known as 'Card on Spokes’ when he's laying down big electronic beats the size of elephants. He has played with many of the great Jazz legends including Feya Faku and Zim Nguqwana and is really young for his age. He enjoys playing around with, and in his studio, and is deeply sympathetic to the plight of those who don’t know what to do when someone drops a drum and bass track.

Kesivan Naidoo - Drums

Kesivan began his professional career at age 14 and in that same year, he toured Europe. He is the founding member of bands: 'Tribe', 'Golliwog', and the ever dynamic 'Silent Revolution'.

He has shared the stage with the likes of with Bheki Mseleku , Hotep Geleta, Selaelo Selota, and more. He's recorded with many leading South African artists including: Zim Ngqwana, Miriam Makeba, Marcus Wyatt, Faya Faku and Jimmy Dludlu.

Kesivan has performed at numerous international festivals including: 'North Sea Holland', 'Montréal Jazz Festival' and 'The Chilemontana Jazz Fest' in Italy. He was the winner of the Samro Overseas Scholarship Competition, and has subsequently graduated from UCT with B.Mus(Hon). He's currently completing his Post-Grad studies in Eastern Rhythms through Prof. Pt. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay. Kesivan's got a great sounding ride cymbal, and he really knows how to use it.

Lee Thomson -Trumpet

Lee is a well-known Cape Town based musician. He has worked with Springbok Nude Girls, Hog Hoggidy Hog and was part of Silent Revolution. He regularly works with Golliwog and Mark Fransman’s superb Strait and Narro’outfit.

Lee’s influences include Miles Davis, Lee Morgan and Dave Douglas. His approach to trumpet is somewhat unique in the fact that he is very versatile and uses digital and analogue effects that offer a wide tonal and sonic spectrum to his instrument of choice.


Lee has done a number of international gigs and has featured at every major South African Festival. He has a strong interest in jazz and over the last year has become quite interested in electronic music. His playing is mature and has a distinctive feel about it.

Something quite rare in a world where too much musical information often creates great players that easily get caught up trying to imitate others, as apposed to innovating their own unique sound.

Lee is also able to have great conversations, and is known to be fairly philosophical at times.


Grrrl-Visual Artist

Our Visual Artist is an integral part of the Closet Snare experience and has performed internationally with the likes of Interlope (France) and Zong (Reunion). She has also performed at various international and local festivals including 'Pukkelpop' in Belguim, and 'Festivale Du Sud' in France. She interprets the music live, and inspires the music through her breathtaking and quirky visuals.

We aim to heighten peoples’ audio-visual senses through this medium. This also forms a large part of the bands lighting environment due to them being immersed in the visuals provided by our visual artist.


See for more.
She is an idealist and a firm believer in world peace.

The revolution will be projected.



For more info and bookings contact.

Lee Thomson
+2782 775 6868

Kesivan Naidoo



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